Share Activities with Users Who Don’t Use Einstein Activity Capture

When the sharing setting for Einstein Activity Capture users is set to Share with Everyone, we really mean everyone. Previously, the setting meant that email and events captured by Einstein Activity Capture were shared with other Einstein Activity Capture users. This expanded visibility means reps can collaborate more easily.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Why: Reps who don’t use Einstein Activity Capture see activities similar to how Einstein Activity Capture users see them.
  • For shared activities, they see the full event details and email contents in the activity timeline. They also see email insights, when available, but can’t take action from the insights or leave feedback about them.
  • For private activities, they see only the event’s date, time, and attendees, and only an email's sender, recipients, and date in the activity timeline. They can request full access directly from the email or event.
  • When Einstein Activity Capture users share activities within Chatter groups, the sharing now applies to all members of the group.

How: This change is automatic. You can set the default sharing for new Einstein Activity Capture users from the Einstein Activity Capture settings. And Einstein Activity Capture users can change their activity sharing at any time from their personal settings and from individual emails or events.

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