Add Custom Resources to the Refreshed Lightning Experience Help Menu

We redesigned the Help Menu to make room for your own resources. Guide users as they work in your org with links to your own URLs to websites, PDF files, videos, or Trailhead mixes. A getting-started section helps both users and admins to get on-boarded to the new user experience. Everyone can now search for and see documentation results from within the Help Menu.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: The Help Menu is a one-stop shop for learning journeys, getting-started tips, contextual help topics—and now resources you’ve created for your org’s users.

The Help Menu now has four main sections.

  • Custom Help—If you choose to add one, your custom help section appears at the top of the Help Menu on every page in Lightning Experience. You get to name the section and pick the resources to display.
  • Getting Started—Resources to help users and admins get up and running in Lightning Experience. Different resources are shown to users and admins. As you read the suggested resources, more topics are rotated to the top of the list, so you’re continually learning something new.
  • Help for This Page—Page-relevant assistance for when users have a question while working.
  • More Resources—Links to keyboard shortcuts and feedback. Admins also see links to support and release notes. Everyone can search for Salesforce documentation in the Help Menu, see top results, and read topics without leaving the app.
Help Menu in Lightning Experience

How: From setup in Lightning Experience, enter Help Menu in the Quick Find box, then select Help Menu. Title your custom help section, and then add up to 15 resources. Turn on Customize the Help Menu so users see the resources. After adding custom help, you can hide Getting Started, Help for This Page, and selected items under More Resources. The links to keyboard shortcuts and feedback to Salesforce are always displayed. As an admin, you always see all resources. Turn off Show Salesforce Help Content to Users on the Help Menu setup page.