Release Note Changes

Read about changes to the release notes, with the most recent changes first.

January 16, 2019

Organize Email Templates with Folders and Nesting
Clarified when the Create Folders for Lightning Email Templates permission is needed.
Add Quip Documents Directly to Salesforce Records (Beta)
Added a release note about the new Quip Document component. IDE Is Being Retired in October 2019
Added release note about the October 2019 retirement of the IDE plug-in for Eclipse.
Tooling API
Added the PackageInstallRequest object’s new UpgradeType field.
Enjoy Improved Field Service Help Content
Added a release note about new Field Service Lightning help content.
Removed: See Which Objects Were Searched at a Glance
This feature isn’t quite ready for showtime, so we’re removing it for now while we make improvements. We’ll let you know when it’s back up.
Removed: Create Objects From Spreadsheets
Removed the release note. Creating objects from spreadsheets isn’t available in Spring ’19.
Scratch Orgs: Configurable Salesforce Environments
Added information on new and deprecated scratch org features. Announced that org preferences won’t be deprecated in Winter ’19.
Track Data Changes to External Objects More Easily (Beta)
Added release note for External Change Data Capture (Beta)

January 9, 2019

Concentrate Your Marketing Efforts with Pardot Business Units
Added release note about feature availability.
Send the Session ID Securely in Outbound Messages
Added release note about a security enhancement for outbound messages.
Changed Objects
Added release note about new PermissionSetGroupId field in PermissionSetAssignment object.
Home Page Profile Assignments No Longer Editable for Classic Apps That Are Visible in Lightning
Added release note about feature availability.
Get More Security with a Refreshed Password Blacklist
Removed the instructions to contact Salesforce Customer Support to extend the password blacklist. The password blacklist is extended by default.
Salesforce Billing Spring ’19 Pre-Installation Instructions
Added pre-installation instructions for Salesforce Billing.
Enable Consumption Schedules for Salesforce CPQ and Billing
Added enablement instructions for consumption schedules.
Use Consumption Schedules and Consumption Rates in Custom Scripts
Moved release note from the Other Changes in Salesforce CPQ section to the Price Usage with Consumption Schedules section.

January 8, 2019

Improve Dataset Security with Broader Sharing Inheritance
Removed release note.

December 26, 2018

Changed Objects
Added a change to ForecastingShare.
Added a change to ForecastingType.
Test Process Scheduled Actions and Flow Resume Events with Apex
Added details about how to test scheduled actions in event processes.
Changed Apex Classes
Updated to reflect that stopTest also works for processes that start when a platform event message is received.
Build Flows More Intuitively with Flow Builder
Added note about updating flow error messages to reflect terminology used in Flow Builder.
Convert and Move Faster in the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter
Updated the Where statement to update the availability date of the changes to starting in early 2019.
GoodData Is Being Retired
Added release note about GoodData retirement.

December 20, 2018

Salesforce Billing: New Invoicing Options for Usage Summaries and Evergreen Subscriptions
Warned users with Avalara for Salesforce Billing to wait before upgrading to Salesforce Billing Spring ’19.
Create Revenue Schedules Based on Order Product Bookings Amount
Clarified that the Order Product Bookings field shows an order product’s bookings amount.
Salesforce CPQ and Billing: Expanded Invoicing, Amendment Options, and Consumption Schedules for Usage Summaries
Added a link to a knowledge article showing all new Salesforce CPQ & Billing objects, fields, and picklist values for Spring ’19.

December 17, 2018

Salesforce Spring ’19 Release Notes
Published preview release notes.