Market to Your Members with Journey Builder for Communities (Generally Available)

Drumroll please: the Community Cloud and Marketing Cloud Integration we introduced as a beta feature in Winter ’18 is now generally available. With Journey Builder, you can create customer journeys across email, mobile, ads, and the web. With the Community Cloud integration, community and marketing managers can place community members on rich customer journeys, boosting engagement and driving activity in the community. You must have both Community and Marketing Cloud licenses to use this feature.

For example, say you want to connect with new members when they join the community. You can create an email journey that automatically sends them personalized emails. Include information about uploading a picture or getting the most out of the community experience. Useful emails drive retention and boost participation.

Trigger a personalized journey with events, or choose a specific audience.

Events include:
  • New community membership
  • Case creation
  • New Chatter group membership (new in Spring ’18)
  • New Chatter post creation
  • New question on a topic or new topic on a post (new in Spring ’18)

Audiences include:

  • Members with the highest number of reputation points
  • Members who belong to the same Chatter group
  • Members who have not contributed in the last specified number of days
  • Members who have registered for a community event

To get started, make sure that you have Marketing Cloud Connect set up so the two clouds can work together. Creating and working with the emails and journeys is done in the Marketing Cloud.