Easily Reorder Criteria in Your Process with Drag and Drop

Save time and clicks by quickly changing the order of criteria and action groups in your process. Just drag and drop—it’s that easy. Previously, to change the order, you had to delete and redefine criteria and actions.

Criteria are evaluated in the order shown on the canvas. When criteria are true, the process executes the associated action group and stops evaluating additional criteria. When criteria are false, the process skips the action group and evaluates the criteria for the next action group. Reorder Criteria

It’s easy to reorder your criteria. Let’s say you change some criteria to always execute the associated actions. This means that no subsequent criteria in your process will be evaluated. In this case, it’s a good idea to change the order so that the criteria that always executes actions is at the end of your process. Just click the criteria node and action group (1) and move it to the new location at the end of your process.