Analyze Event Monitoring Data with the Admin Analytics App (Pilot)

Wave Analytics for event monitoring provides an out-of-the-box analytics app for event log file and setup audit trail data.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Built on top of the powerful Salesforce Wave Analytics platform, the Admin Analytics app gives your business analysts at-a-glance insights into your monitoring data. Setting up the app is easy, and your data loads automatically from Salesforce.


The Admin Analytics app is available to select customers through a pilot program. For information on joining the pilot program, contact your Salesforce account executive.

The app comes with prebuilt dashboards for desktop and mobile devices. Each dashboard includes a set of charts that display useful information about different types of transactions or events that occurred in your org. You can even drill in to this data by user profiles and roles. Take a look at this sample Visualforce Requests dashboard.

The Visualforce Requests dashboard lets you view key data about how your users are interacting with Visualforce pages.
You can see everything from which Visualforce pages your users are accessing to the performance of those pages. Whether you’re monitoring users, performance, or adoption, the Admin Analytics app is a powerful addition to your toolbelt.