See Google Map Images in Standard Address Fields

Records with standard address fields now display a Google Maps image of the address. This saves users time by letting them see where their contacts or accounts are located, instead of having to locate addresses in an external map application. This feature is available in all versions of Salesforce1.

On a record, go to the detail page to see the Google Maps image on the address field. To generate a map image, an address must include the street and city fields and either the state, postal code, or the country.

Maps on address fields

The map image on the address is static and can’t be zoomed-in or zoomed-out. But tapping the map image opens the address in a map app, where the user can see more details. The map app that is launched depends on the mobile device: Apple Maps opens on iOS devices and Google Maps opens on Android, BlackBerry, and Windows 8.1 devices.



The Map Icon icon that appears in the action bar for some objects is a Salesforce1 productivity action that also launches a device’s maps app. This action isn’t related to the Google Maps feature and is always available, even if Google Maps is disabled.

If an address field is missing any of the required information, a map doesn’t display. If your organization has Salesforce1 offline access enabled, a map doesn’t display when a user’s device is offline.

Currently, maps and location services isn’t available for organizations with Developer edition.

Maps on standard address fields are enabled by default. To disable maps for your organization, see Enabling Maps and Location Services.