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IdeaExchange Idea delivered
Promoted/Persistent Chatter Posts for Important Messages Post Announcements in Chatter Groups
Enable Chatter group owners to post "Sticky" notes Post Announcements in Chatter Groups
Communities should include Chatter Private Message capability Private Messages in Communities
Multiple Forecast Models Sales Teams Can Now Use Multiple Forecast Types
Create/Add Case from Email Users Can Now Create Cases from the Salesforce Side Panel
Salesforce for Outlook User Log in and Activity Report You Can Now Track the Versions of Salesforce for Outlook Your Users Run
Introduce Sales Orders in Salesforce Orders—Generally Available
Clone order info Orders—Generally Available
Knowledge Reporting Article Report Filters on Data Categories
Relate Case Feed Emails from ‘Answer Customer’ to Contact Automatically Associate Outgoing Emails with Contacts Customization
Mass add existing users to permission sets Mass Assign Permission Sets
Lookup Filter Fields on Opportunity Lookup Filter Enhancements
Product table lookup filters (partially implemented) Lookup Filter Enhancements
TEXT(picklist) support in business rules and buttons and links TEXT() Function Picklist Support Expanded
Floating Report Headers in Summary and Matrix reports Floating Headers in Summary and Matrix Reports
Allow Removal/Editing of Report Footer; Exclude report footer when using Export Details to Excel Export Reports Without Footers
Allow Modification/Editing of Dashboard without giving View All data permission Editing Dashboards Without “View All Data”
Sort report results by different field than the "Group by" field Flexible Sorting in Reports
Enable Historical Trending on Cases History Tracking for Cases
Show Decimals in Dashboard Table and Metric Components Percentages in Table Components
View Deployment Errors in the Monitor Deployments Page

Show Error Details for Completed Deployments

Show Failed Tests for Deployments

New User Interface for Monitoring Deployments