Launch Flows from Workflow Rules—Pilot

Spring ’14 introduces a new workflow action called a flow trigger, which launches a flow when the workflow rule criteria are met.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

User Permissions Needed
To open, edit, or create a flow in the Cloud Flow Designer: “View Setup and Configuration”
To activate, deactivate, or delete a flow, or to edit flow properties: “View Setup and Configuration”
To create or change workflow rules and actions: “Customize Application”

A trigger-ready flow is a flow that can be launched from a flow trigger workflow action. Because trigger-ready flows must be able to run in bulk and without user interaction, they can’t contain Step, Screen, or Apex Plug-in elements in any flow version.



Flow trigger workflow actions and trigger-ready flows are currently available through a pilot program. For information on enabling this feature in your organization, contact

With flow triggers, you can automate complex business processes—create flows to perform logic, and have events trigger the flows via workflow rules—without writing code. For example, suppose you have a flow that looks up and assigns the relevant entitlement for a case. You can create a flow trigger to launch the flow whenever a case is created, so that all new cases are automatically set with a default entitlement.

Complete the following high-level tasks to launch flows from workflow rules. Details are available in the Salesforce Help.

  1. Create and activate the trigger-ready flow.
  2. Create the workflow rule.
  3. Create the flow trigger workflow action. Make sure you select the same object for the workflow rule and the flow trigger.
  4. Associate the flow trigger to the workflow rule.
  5. Activate the workflow rule.
Flow triggers have special behaviors and limitations. See “Flow Trigger Considerations—Pilot” in the Salesforce Help.