Salesforce Files Sync Features

Salesforce Files Sync makes file management, syncing, sharing, and versioning easier than ever.


This release contains a beta version of Salesforce Files Sync that is production quality but has known limitations.

Sync Files
Access files saved in your Salesforce Files folder on your desktop from the Synced filter on the Files tab in Chatter and in Salesforce1.
Share Files Right from the Salesforce Files Folder on Your Desktop
Right-click a file to share it with people and groups in Chatter, or share the file with anyone using a link.
Always Have the Latest Version of Every File
When you edit a file saved in the Salesforce Files folder on your desktop, the file is instantly updated for you and everyone you’ve shared the file with on Chatter. Chatter supports versioning, so all file collaborators can access older versions of the file, just in case