Release Notes Changes

This log summarizes changes to the release notes, with the most recent changes first.

May 21, 2014

Communities Additional Enhancements
Removed section about Data Loader support for Partner Community Users. This feature will be available in the Summer ‘14 release.
Badges in Communities
Added information about how users with a license can create a badge and give communities and portal users access to that badge.

May 14, 2014

Increased App Limits with Expansion Pack and Unlimited Apps Pack
Added release note about Expansion Pack and Unlimited Apps Pack.
Salesforce Files Sync (Beta)
A beta version of Salesforce Files Sync is now available.

May 7, 2014

Customer Community Plus License
Added information on the new Customer Community Plus license.
Data That’s Supported in Salesforce1
Added information about which supported objects show up in the Recent section of the navigation menu.
Improved Add/Remove Members Search in Groups
Added information about changes to the search behavior for the Add/Remove Members dialog in Chatter groups.

April 30, 2014

Changes to the Files Tab with Salesforce Files Sync Enabled
Removed references to a sync feature that is not available in ’Spring 14.
New and Changed Site Methods
Added release note for the new and changed site class for Apex.

April 21, 2014

Collaborative Forecasts and Opportunities
Updated the Editions table with the correct editions for Opportunity Splits.
Salesforce1 Enhancements in this Release
Added information about new settings to configure push notifications, and notifications for tasks in the Salesforce1 5.2 for iOS release.
Changed Objects
Added information about changes to the PersonID field in the Account object.
Parent Account Field Data Type and Attribute Changes
Added information about changes to the Parent Account field in the Account object that are visible to administrators in the Setup area.
Auto-Saving of Records with Lookup Values Now Supports Enhanced Lookup Searches
Clarified information in release notes about enhanced lookups for in-line edits.

April 16, 2014

Connected Apps UI Additions and Label Updates
This release has two new connected app label changes. The Session Timeout field has been renamed Require PIN after. The Expire Refresh Token field has been renamed Refresh Token Policy.

April 9, 2014

Allow Email-Based Identity Confirmation Permission Name Changed
Added to release notes.
Help and Training
Added the new “Release Management: From Sandbox to Production” video series to the Help and Training section.
Editing Dashboards Without “View All Data”
Corrected permission name under “User Permissions Needed.”

April 2, 2014

Encryption for SAML Assertions
Updated the steps for setting up an identity provider to encrypt assertions.

March 26, 2014

Improved Previews for Microsoft PowerPoint® (.Pptx) Presentations
Added a release note about improvements to the technology used to render file previews.
Chatter Profile-Based Rollout—Pilot
Updated the feature description to state that organizations have the option to give full or no access to Chatter based on employee roles and profiles.
Image Size Limit for Action Icons
Added a new limit for custom images for action icons.

March 19, 2014

Today Enhancements
Added information that the default location of the Today item in the Salesforce1 navigation menu has changed to make it faster for users to access the Today app. This change doesn’t affect organizations that have customized the Salesforce1 navigation menu.
Salesforce1 Enhancements in this Release
Added information about the Salesforce1 5.2 for Android release.
Overlay Forecasts (PILOT)
Added this new section.

March 7, 2014

Chatter Desktop Version 3.2.1 Now Available
Added information about the renewed installer certificate.

March 5, 2014

DateTime Data Types in Flows
Clarified that the DateTime data type isn’t available for screen input fields or choices.
Configure File Upload and Download Security Settings
Added a note explaining that the Do not open PDF’s in a separate window preference has been replaced by PDF download settings on this page.
Some File Types Download by Default
Added a note about security and changing the default download behavior of these file types.
Editing Dashboards Without “View All Data”
Clarified that this capability is available by default when enhanced analytics folder sharing is on.

February 26, 2014

Chatter Profile-Based Rollout—Pilot
Up to now, enabling Chatter meant giving all users in an organization full access to Chatter. Starting with this release, Salesforce introduces Chatter profile-based rollout. Use this new feature to make Chatter available for a part of your organization, but not for all users.
Changed Objects
Made documentation changes for the API objects WorkBadge, WorkCoaching, WorkCoachingFeed, WorkFeedbackQuestion, WorkFeedbackRequest, WorkGoal, WorkGoalFeed, WorkGoalLink, WorkPerformanceCycle, WorkPerformanceCycleFeed, and WorkThanks.
New Objects
Added documentation for the new API objects WorkBadgeDefinitionShare, WorkCoachingHistory, WorkCoachingShare, WorkFeedbackQuestionHistory, WorkFeedbackQuestionSetShare, WorkFeedbackQuestionShare, WorkFeedbackRequestShare, WorkFeedbackShare, WorkPerformanceCycleHistory, and WorkPerformanceCycleShare.
Some File Types Download by Default
Added a release note about changed file download behavior.
Configure File Upload and Download Security Settings
Added a list of file MIME types and their corresponding file extensions.
Metadata Types and Fields
Added information about the two new fields, enableKnowledgeable and enablePrivateMessages, on the Network metadata type.
Added information about changes to method topic URLs in the restructured Apex Code Developer’s Guide.
Visualforce Remote Objects—Developer Preview
Changed to reflect that Remote Objects is a Developer Preview, not a Pilot release. Also added details on current limitations of the feature.

February 19, 2014

Token Type “Bearer” Included in OAuth Responses
Added information about the new token_type parameter in OAuth 2.0 responses.
Tooling API
Added information on the new ApexTestQueueItem and ApexTestResult objects.
Customize Salesforce1 App Branding
Added a note indicating Salesforce1 branding requires that Documents is enabled for your organization.
Salesforce Touch Has Upgraded to Salesforce1
Added a note clarifying that users who access the Salesforce Touch mobile browser app from a shortcut or special URL that includes /m aren't automatically redirected to the Salesforce1 interface.
Salesforce Classic Listing on the Apple App Store Renamed
The Salesforce Classic listing on the App Store has been renamed to SF Classic.
End of Support for Salesforce Classic for BlackBerry and Chatter Mobile for BlackBerry in Summer ’14
Added advanced notice that will be ending support for the Salesforce Classic for BlackBerry and Chatter Mobile for BlackBerry apps, starting with the Summer ’14 release.
Welcome to Spring ’14
Added a link to Spring ’14 Release Training.

February 17, 2014

Sandbox User Email Addresses Modified on Refresh
Added information about changes to sandbox user email addresses.

February 16, 2014

Behavior Change of Limits.getScriptStatements
The behavior of the deprecated Limits.getScriptStatements method changed.

February 14, 2014

New User Interface for Monitoring Deployments
Added a section about performance tuning resources and updated long-running tests information.
Default Session Settings Protect Your Organization
Added a cross reference to the clickjack information. Also broke out this section for clarity into the following subsections:
Help and Training
Added the Help and Training section, which lists videos and documents that are new or updated for Spring ’14.

February 5, 2014

Customize Salesforce1 App Branding
Administrators can now customize the appearance of the Salesforce1 app to display their own corporate branding.
Added information on updates to these objects to support custom branding in the Salesforce1 app.
Differences in Tracking Your Activities
Clarified that the limitation on the display of task lists (task lists can’t be displayed when more than 1,000 overdue tasks exist) applies only to Salesforce1: Moved the information to the section Differences in Tracking Your Activities under Salesforce1 Differences from the Full Salesforce Site.
Knowledge Search Enhancements
Removed Suggested Keyword Search—Pilot, as it is not available in the Spring’14 release.

January 29, 2014

History Tracking for Cases
Removed reference to Case Owner field, which is not available for history tracking.
You Asked for It!
Added links to IdeaExchange items for new Analytics features.
getInteractionQueries() and getLimitInteractionQueries() Limits Methods Removed
Noted that these methods are no longer available.
Salesforce1 Support for Communities and Salesforce Communities Now Available
Clarified that external members—with Customer Community, Partner Community, or other supported portal licenses—also have access to their communities in Salesforce1.
Change Sets and Deployment
Removed the release note about change sets in the Professional Edition.
New User Interface for Monitoring Deployments
Clarified that change sets aren’t included in the new Deployment Status page.

January 22, 2014

Multiple Username Login Hints
Added that this feature isn’t available for Internet Explorer versions earlier than 10.0.
Custom Domain (My Domain) Link Added to the Salesforce Login Page
Added that this feature isn’t available for Internet Explorer versions earlier than 10.0. Clickjack Protection
Clarified that clickjack protection is not automatically turned on for sites created prior to the Spring ’14 release.

January 15, 2014

Sharing Sets
Sharing sets with indirect lookups to accounts and contacts are now available to all administrators.
Create Report Page Update
The positioning of the elements on the Create Report page has been adjusted slightly for improved usability.
File Storage Per Paid User License Increased from 612 MB to 2 GB for Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions
Clarified the data and file storage examples, and made a correction in the data and file storage allocation table.
Accounts and Contacts for Customer Community Users
Clarified that external users with Customer Community or High Volume Portal User licenses can now view accounts that are shared with them in a community.
Reuse Connected App Names
Names of deleted connected apps can be reused.
Enhanced Session ID Management for Visualforce
Deleted this section of the release notes, as this feature isn’t available in this release.
The System Administrator Profile Automatically Gets the App Launcher
Added a release note about this change to the System Administrator profile.
Updates to Translated Terminology
Deleted this section of the release notes because these updates were introduced in a past release.
Two new fields added to the ReportGrouping subtype in the Metadata API to support flexible sorting in reports.
The following objects no longer have a parent-to-child relationship with AttachedContentDocument:
  • ContractLineItem
  • EmailMessage
  • EmailTemplate
  • LiveChatTranscript